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To join The Smallest Fan Cory McAbee fan club and get your memberhsip card and sticker, send $2USD (or $2.50 for those outside N. America) and we'll get right on it. You also need to decide if you want your name listed on the roster page next to your fan club number. If you say yes, we'll put your name and country of origin on the roster page. If you say no, we'll put 'Anonymous' next to your number.

You'll have the option of saying how your name should appear (on the roster, that is, you can write whatever you like on your card), if different from what Paypal tells us (say, if you're buying it for a friend or a little buckaroo), but please note that we WILL NOT post any vulgar or potentially offensive names on the roster. So please, if you fill in a preferred name don't enter something we won't post, otherwise we'll have to contact you and figure out a better name.

We'll use the email address that Paypal sends us to let you know your order is shipped. For the fan club, you can use that address or you can enter an alternate email address below ("Use an email address different from your Paypal address for fan club emails?"). This might be useful if, say, you're getting the membership for someone else. If you ever need to change it, just email (either from the address we have or include your order # so we'll know it's you) and let us know. We'll only email the fan club members a couple of times a year (and, of course, if Cory ever wants to say hi we'll send that along). And we positively will not give out your email address to anyone else. Pinky swear.

IMPORTANT: If you have any special instructions (i.e. - "This is a surprise for the person listed, please don't put their name up yet and spoil the surprise."), please just let us know in the 'Note to seller' box. Or, better yet, do that AND shoot me an email just to be sure I see it.

Also, we expect to mail your card out ASAP, so no refunds once an order is placed (so, if you mess up your address, contact immediately.)

Where are we mailing to?
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Use an email address different from your Paypal address for fan club emails? *

* - Your email address is not displayed anywhere or used for any purpose other than signup and communicating with the fan club. Honest.

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