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April 2017

Long time no update

Check out all Corey's up to and the progress of the Small Star Seminar film at The Small Star Corp. Videos, art and updates on the film and all things related to the Academy of Romantic Sciences and Deep Astronomy await you.

March 2014

Cory interviewed at Indie Wire

Cory talks about releasing Crazy and Thief for free with Indie Wire.

Director Cory McAbee Is Giving Away 'Crazy and Thief,' One of Our 10 Best Undistributed Films of 2012, for Free

March 2014

Charlie The Ox now playing on

Back in 2005 Cory was in an independent film called Charlie The Ox. It's not widely available and many of you have probably never seen it. I hadn't. But thanks to the Internet and a clever 'Netflix for indy film' called Fandor, now you can.

Charlie The Ox is available to watch now at
If you're not a member, you can sign up for a 30 day trial. (Trust me, the movie is much better than the preview there.)

Feb 2014

Crazy & Thief - New website and more to come!

Cory has created a Tumblr for Crazy & Thief with clips, pics and songs. There's behind-the-scenes pics and more. According to Cory, "Soon I will post the film there in its entirety for free. You can be the first to mention that, if you would like."

I would and I did. :) You heard it here first! Unless you didn't. Either way, have a squiz at and check back later for more updates!

UPDATE: Crazy & Thief is available to watch now at

Oct 2013

An interview with Cory is up at

The interview includes information about Cory's next film, "The Embalmer's Tale".
""The Embalmer's Tale" follows the man who preserved Abraham Lincoln's corpse when it was shown around the country immediately after his assassination. It will be directed, and scripted by McAbee, and feature music he composed, too."

Check it out at:

JULY 2013

Cory has a Kickstarter campaign up to finish his graphic novel Rabbit.

"RABBIT is a graphic novel that tells the story of a small rabbit working as a bar-bouncer in a city of carnivores. Rabbit was very young when he witnessed the brutal killing of his brother. That was the day that he left the fields and moved into the City Of Animals where he became a dancer, a gigolo, and a bouncer in bars. Follow Rabbit as he plows through years of failed friendships, alcoholism, embezzlement, poverty, hypocrisy, promiscuity, violence, supernatural misunderstandings and physical decay."

Check it out at: Kickstarter

JULY 2013

We're rarin' to go! The fan club is now officially open and you can sign right up!

While this is not any claim of official endorsement, I will say that I asked for Cory's blessing before throwing open the doors and he has seen the site and he was pleased. He's happily accepted the first few cards and I'll be mailing those out to him post-haste.

Pssst! Hey. Secret double-plus-secret handshake secret info. The first dozen signups will, in addition to their card and sticker, also receive a bonus - a Stingray Sam, American Astronaut or BNS sticker! So don't mess around, time's a wastin'! All gone!

So come in, have a look around and join up!

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